I've always loved to document life! This dream career started out as a personal passion and I'm so grateful for it every day!

Hey Again! I'm Tiffany!

The Journey

The Philosophy

I've always been the girl with the camera- from single use film cameras to point and shoot digitals- I took pictures everywhere I went. Around 2008, I leveled up my gear and decided I REALLY wanted to be good. So, I hyper-focused and took a deep dive into teaching myself photography!

2016 and 2017 brought the biggest changes to my life when I became a mom and lost my Dad. THIS is where I began to truly see the importance of what I'm able to do for myself and others.

The Approach

When I lost my Dad, I became hyper-aware of the fleeting nature of life and the beauty that resides in the in-between.

I believe that photographs hold a special magic that can transport you back to the exact moment in time when the image was taken- Even though it's a still image, it can hold sounds, smells, and feelings inside of it.

Life not only can imitate art- it IS the art.

I take a super laid back approach while offering a quality experience. 

I'm a little awkward and quirky and it's ok if you feel awkward at first too- most people do, BUT you don't have to worry about looking awkward because I gently guide and offer pose suggestions while taking into consideration what movements feel natural to you.

The way you interact with your people, yourself, and the world around you is just as important  as perfectly posed and smiling images. So, I like to give space for that to happen during your session while I move around capturing it all from different angles- making sure I hone in on all the little details that make your life so magical in this moment.

I also like to get a little weird sometimes and try unconventional poses and angles to create images that will look like art hanging in your home.

Peace lilys from my Nanny's & Dad's funerals

Favorite plant

A few of my favorite things

Belle Starr Antiques and Goodwill

Favorite place


Favorite Color

Dr. Pepper

Favorite drink

The beach

Favorite vacation

My office furniture!

Favorite vintage find


Favorite Past time

50mm 1.2

Favorite Lens

I'm 34- almost 35- which seems absolutely crazy to me- especially since I feel like I'm just now getting a sense of who I am as a person. 

I love the sun and get so much inspiration and joy feeling it's warmth on my skin.

I'm open about mental health and talk openly about suicide awareness because it's near to my heart.

I believe that love is love & everyone deserves equal rights no matter their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

I LOVE vintage fashion and home decor. It gives me a sense of home and belonging-- and gets me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I have ADHD and tend to get hyper-fixated on hobbies. My current hobby is thrifting- specifically for clothes at goodwill. I HIGHLY recommend it.

The Person

let's BE social

Tiffany Cox Photography is an arkansas based portrait and wedding photographer  located in Alma, AR.